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Notes from Paleyfest: Mad Men


Happy St. Patty’s Day, my little Drunkerdoodles! It’s a rare crappy day in Los Angeles, so I’ll have to drink my green beers indoors today. I don’t like venturing out to bars on holidays like this anyway - I can’t handle the amateurs… or the bad music. U2 isn’t the only Irish band there is, doofuses. Thin Lizzy. Duh.

As promised, I went to the Mad Men panel at Paleyfest on Tuesday. Had to go back to that horrible Beverly Hills place, but it was worth it to be in the same room as Jon Hamm. Dreamy. I was not allowed to hug him - in fact, I was relegated to the rear balcony due to a little thing called a “restraining order” - but it’s only a matter of time, Hamm.

The cast couldn’t say much about Season 5 (which kicks off next Sunday, March 25, by the way). They screened last season’s finale and spent most of the panel discussing that episode, which aired in 2010. Since the cast just wrapped shooting the new season, that wasn’t the freshest topic in their minds.

Here are my notes and observations, lovelies:

  • Matthew Weiner had a lot to say without really giving us any new info. I get the impression he runs a tight ship. That really protects the quality and integrity of this great show, but makes for a boring panel discussion. Really, nothing about Season 5? Come on!
  • Jon Hamm is HOT. Oh and he had one spoiler slip-up: after last season’s spontaneous proposal, Don and his secretary Megan actually make it to the altar.
  • January Jones certainly doesn’t come off as warm and friendly, and I get the sense she and Hamm aren’t pals. However, I will continue to defend her acting. I really think she’s great as Don’s bitter, conflicted ice queen ex-wife. Debate away.
  • And the Dakota Fanning Award goes to… 12-year-old Kiernan Shipka, who plays little Sally Draper. Believe it or not, she was the most articulate and sharp cast member, discussing the complexity of her character in detail. Totally adorbs, totally AWESOME. No way this girl is going the way of the Lohan in four years.
  • The panel could have benefitted from another actress. Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, Jessica Pare or Cara Buono would have been a welcome addition. Like a ’60s ad agency, this was kind of a boys’ club.
  • Least like his character: Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell), who looks like he belongs on the Venice boardwalk.
  • Minus the leads and the 12-year-old, this cast seemed to be the most under the influence of all I saw Paleyfest. This means I want to hang out with them the most. Cheers!